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Help & Info about Dev-C++ for windows

  • 1. What is Dev?

    Dev-C++ or Dev is a compiler and editor within the C++ and C languages domain. This Bloodshed offering facilitates your entry into the world of C++ and C programming. The robust editor assists with syntax formatting and style for correct, easy-to-use and clean code. The built-in compiler lets you create, debut and inspect programs before they get packaged for production.
  • 2. Is Dev free?

    Yes, Dev-C++ can be downloaded for free under GNU GPL (General Public License). The open source programming tool is also lightweight, which means it should take negligible space on your computer. The file size should not be a lot more than 10-12 megabytes.
  • 3. Why does Dev-C++ matter?

    Dev-C++ assists with the tedious and mundane programming tasks so that you could spend more time on the real building and design work. The editor helps with syntax. The autocomplete would suggest solutions to all your coding requirements. If you forget the next portion of a chunk of code, keep typing what you remember and the studio would assist you with finding what you require.
  • 4. How does Dev helps beginners?

    Dev-C++ would help an amateur C++ programmer program successfully. And it has quite a few built-in options and features that make it a handy tool for beginners. For example, you’ve got the ‘auto-complete’ feature and another option that indents the code automatically. The tool also helps check for errors in programs.
  • 5. What is MinGW?

    MinGW stands for Minimalist GNU for Windows and it comes with a range of tools that are found commonly on several tools such as GDB debugger and G++ compiler. It is an open source and free software development environment that helps create Microsoft Windows applications. Dev-C++ uses MinGW too.
  • 6. What is a debugger?

    Also called a debugging tool, a debugger is a fundamental utility tool for a programmer to have handy at all levels of programming. It is a program that helps with computer program error detection and correction. Debuggers could employ instruction-set simulators instead of running programs on the processor directly to attain increased control over the execution.
  • 7. How snappy is Dev?

    Dev, as aforementioned, comes with a small installation file and therefore doesn’t take up too much hard disk space. It’s fast, compact and well-designed too. Most users who believe in and use Dev-C++ regularly like how they can add multiple compilers to it.
  • 8. Will Dev work with bigger, complex projects?

    Dev may work with complex, larger projects but it’s not recommended. Dev-C++ is primarily viewed as a tool ideal for beginners. It usually works the best for people who are working on plain and simple projects. These projects usually don’t entail more than 10-40 lines of code within main().
  • 9. Is the IDE maintained actively?

    This is perhaps the biggest letdown of Dev-C++. Most people who use the tool don’t just complain how the tool caters primarily to beginner developers, but also the lack of maintenance and updates from the vendor side. And this list of complaining patrons also includes people who are otherwise happy with the tool.
  • 10. Does it work from an external memory source?

    Yes, you can use the IDE from an external source such as a USB device. This functionality comes in quite handy if the computer doesn’t have a C++ compiler on it. Moreover, this feature helps when you’re programming on the go.


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